Specialized exhibition "Bread and Confectionery"









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Specialized exhibition "Bread and Confectionery"

Dear sirs!

We invite you to take part at the 10-th international specialized exhibition  «BREAD AND CONFECTIONERY» which will be held from 9 till 12th of September 2014 in Belarus, Minsk on the exhibition hall to the address: Y.Kupaly street, 27.

Exhibition «Bread and confectionary» is a professional forum of bakers and  confectioners, moreover it is the only exhibition project on the territory of the Republic of Belarus, which provides a unique opportunity for the specialists and consumers to receive the whole and vivid information at first hand ».

Organizer of the exhibition: UE«Hlebprom-Media».

The exhibition will be held with the support of the Department on bakery of Ministry of agriculture and production in the Republic of Belarus, Ministry of Trade in the Republic of Belarus, Belarus cooperative union, CUE«Minskhlebprom», NEC «Belexpo».

General  informational support: scientific, production-practical magazine «Baker» (Belarus).

Aims of the exhibition:

  • demonstration of modern technologies and equipment for  breadbaking , confectionary and  pasta branches of industry;
  • lightning of perspective tendencies in the development of such branches  ;
  • acquaintance with the new types of food raw material, additional materials, package and   tare;
  • popularization of native achievements in baking and confectionary production for the increase of renown and status of Belarusian producers;
  • attraction of foreign investments to the country. 


  1. project - engineering approaches and technologies for confectionery and bakery production;
  2. equipment: technological, refrigerator;
  3. raw materials, ingredients, additives;
  4. production inventory, instruments, accessories, overalls;
  5. technologies, means and methods for provision of quality of the products and sanitary safety;
  6. laboratory engineering, devices, reactives, crockery and other means for technochemical control;
  7. automation and software;
  8. normative-technical and law literature, specialized and professional editions;
  9. functional production for preventive and curing catering, bio-production;
  10. baked, confectionary and pasta products.


  • 10-th international conference for specialists regarding actual branches questions;
  • National quality review of bakery products «Lasuak»;
  • Open confectioners championship  in Byelorussia;
  • Republican competition of skils  young bakers and confectioners, which studding in Belarus colleges;
  • Master-classes, round tables, seminars, business meetings, presentations and advertising actions of the companies.

The exhibition collects all leading operators of the bakery market .In the exhibition take part more than 60 companies from countries all over the world, among them: JLLC «Belogorie», «Aston Foods», OS «Shebekinsky mash-factory», JSC «Belogorie», FGUP OmPO «Irtysh », BAK, Flamic, Starmix, JSC NPP firm «Voskhod» Company «AGRO-3», SIC «Orgpischeprom», company « Endwest»  UE «Barsa», Ireks, Martin Braun, Lubeca, Westfalia, Miwe, Diosna, Wiesheu, Varimixer Bear, Jac, Krumbain, UE «Vladimir», J4, Revent, Clextral, Gorerri, Topos, Beldos, «Uniferm», Company «VIRTUS», Laser, Cepi, FLLC «Modecor Bel», Modecor, Ñesarin, Rich, Backaldrin, UE «Aman-trading», Lesaffre, Cresco S.p. A., Unigra, Minipan and many others.

 You can  receive more detailed information :

Belarus, Minsk, Kulman,str, 1 -30
Tel./fax (+37517) 292-43-35, 292-44-72


We welcome anyone interested!